Four Web Design Tips for Better Conversion

Here are tips to make sure your website is designed in the best possible way to ensure more conversions

1. Limit Navigational Choices

As counter-intuitive as it may initially appear, limiting choices is a better step to take, particularly when offering your customer with navigational menu options.

Mark Jones sells vertikal heizk√∂rper products online and notes “According to a study, when customers are presented with more choices, not only does this lengthen the decision-making time, but it lessens the chances of the user picking an option. What works better is presenting them with just enough options to provide variety or at least provide the necessary segmenting of more specific options.”

2. Heed the Speed

One major factor that affects a user’s decision as to whether they’ll give your website a chance or not is its loading speed, so making sure it’s efficient is something you mustn’t overlook.

3. Simplicity is Key

Similar to providing a simpler array of choices in navigation, the website’s pages themselves would do good to be kept as simple as possible.

Graeme W. is a seo manchester and web design pro and notes “If your site is more on what your products or services are about, especially, keeping things simple and clean makes it easier for the user to understand, and more importantly, makes sure they don’t get intimidated by a grand overload of images, videos, and text to process.”

4. Learn from Experience

Different things work for different websites, and while some tips may work out (and should work out based on other websites’ experience), it’s not an automatic assurance for every site.

Peter Tolson runs the website for this beauty treatments Milton Keynes business and medical spa milwaukee clinic and says “This is why investing in constant monitoring of your site’s performance is an essential part of your web design development. If you find that somehow lots of material works for your site, then go ahead and apply that, or if you find that providing more choices gains more clicks, then go with that.”

Mark Thomas runs the website for this hairdressers warrington business and says “With all of that, it’s evident how maximizing your web design for better conversions isn’t a one-shot thing; it requires constant monitoring and updates, and more importantly, it requires a mindset that successful web design is an ongoing process, no matter how new or established your business website is.”

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